Three Seconds Shuts Down Filming

The upcoming Luke Evans and Josh Brolin-led action thriller “Three Seconds” appears to have shut down production indefinitely right as it was about to begin filming.

Heery Casting, the extras casting director for the film says that the project shut down production and will not be continuing. The production was ready to go in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the actors like Evans, Brolin, David Oyelowo, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Olivia Munn in town and ready to go.

However, with the state budget not yet passed the state could not guarantee them tax credits they needed as part of PA’s tax credit program. They waited on it, but in the process lost one of the main actors and so have shut down.

There was a rumor that the project could move to the Pittsburgh area, but Greater Philadelphia Film Office Executive Director Sharon Pinkenson tells Philly Mag that the project has been completely scrapped and “will not shoot anywhere.”

Pinkenson estimates that the scrapping has resulted in the loss of 1,200 jobs including crew, actors and extras. Otto Bathurst was to direct the film which follows a man who sent by the FBI to sneak into the Polish mafia’s New York drug trade by going undercover in maximum security prison.