Three More Join “Star Trek: Discovery”

Terry Serpico (“Sneaky Pete”), Maulik Pancholy (“30 Rock”) and Sam Vartholomeos (“The Following) have all signed on to play Starfleet officers in the currently in production “Star Trek: Discovery” series for CBS All Access.

Serpico will play Admiral Anderson, a high-ranking Starfleet official, Pancholy will play the Starship Shenzhou’s chief medical officer Dr. Nambue, Vartholomeos will play Ensign Connor who is also assigned to the Shenzhou.

In the series, the Shenzou is a secondary ship we’ll see in numerous episodes and is captained by Michelle Yeoh’s character.

“Star Trek: Discovery” is slated to premiere this Fall on CBS All Access in the United States, the Space Channel in Canada, and on Netflix across the rest of the world.

Source: CBS