Three More Join “American Gods” S2

Dean Winters (“30 Rock”), Devery Jacobs (“Mohawk Girls”) and Kahyun Kim (“Shameless”) have been cast as Mr. Town, Sam Black Crow and New Media respectively in the second season of Starz’s “American Gods”.

The new season of the Neil Gaiman adaptation sees Mr. World (Crispin Glover) task Mr. Town with tracking down Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and finding out what he knows about the plans of Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane).

Town’s methods are brutally efficient and may help him get to the root of his and World’s curious questions.

Sam Black Crow is a college student who sells the chainsaw art she carves by the roadside for extra money. Kim takes over for Gillian Anderson, with ‘New Media’ now the goddess of global content and a cyberspace chameleon.

The second season of “American Gods” is set to debut on Starz sometime in 2019.

Source: Starz