Three Hafstrom Films Get Remade

Mikael Håfström (“Derailed,” “1408”) has confirmed to Sci-Fi Wire that three of his award-winning Swedish films are getting the Hollywood remake, and he has no plan to get involved.

Horror films “Strandvaskaren” (The Drowning Ghost) and “Ondskan” (Evil), along with comedy “Kopps” (Cops) are all to be remade. His reasons for non-involvement? Quite reasonable actually – “I don’t know if there’s much that can be added to what I did, so I don’t really want to do it again” he says.

“The Drowning Ghost” tells the story of a brutal murder at a boarding school, where students start disappearing on the 100th anniversary of the unsolved crime. “Evil” explored psychological cruelty amongst pupils in a boarding school. “Cops” deals with a small-town police station that may be closed because there is no crime, so the police create their own spate of criminal activity.