Three Foreign Filmmakers Head To TV

Three acclaimed foreign-born filmmakers are headed to the small screen for several ambitious TV series.

“The Deep” and “Contraband” filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur, currently shooting the high-profile “Everest,” will direct and produce the ten-part crime drama series “Trapped” for RVK Studios.

Sigurjon Kjartansson and Clive Bradley are penning the series about the investigation of an unidentified corpse found at the bottom of a fjord after an International ferry arrives in a small town. When a blizzard strikes, the only road in and out become impassable.

Next up, Oscar-winning “The Great Beauty” director Paolo Sorrentino is set to write and direct his first TV series “The Young Pope” for Sky Italia and Wildside. Sorrentino will helm all eight episodes and co-write them with Stefano Rulli and Umberto Contarello.

The story revolves around the figure of a fictional pontiff: the first Italian-American pope in history. The story is set in modern times and unfolds between the Vatican City, Italy, US and Africa.

Finally, Yellow Bird has announced the ten-part original political thriller series “Occupied” based on an idea by bestselling Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbo (“Headhunters”). Filming begins shortly ahead of a 2015 premiere

Erik Skoldbjaerg (“Prozac Nation”) will helm the first two episodes of the series which is set in a near future where Russia has “peacefully invaded” Norway to officially secure oil reserves for the rest of the world. The series explores what happens to a nation under such an invasion.

Sources: Screen and Deadline