Three “Conjuring” Spin-Offs On The Way?

Not just a sequel, and not just one spin-off as announced the other day. Turns out there’s as many as three spin-off projects in the works based on this summer’s horror hit “The Conjuring” at New Line Cinema.

As previously revealed, one of the spin-offs will focus on the haunted Annabelle doll seen in the opening scenes and key moments in the film. Conjuring’s cinematographer John R. Leonetti is attached to direct.

Bloody Disgusting adds that John Darko is slated to co-direct that project, tentatively entitled “The Annabelle Story,” which will take place before the events in “The Conjuring”.

No details are available on the other two spin-offs aside from them being micro-budget projects. No word on when production of the sequel will take place, but production on ‘Annabelle’ could begin as early as sometime before the end of the year.