“Thor” Set Pics Reveal A Mysterious New Face

Though they were decked out in civilian garb for the first few days, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have been back in their regular Thor and Loki costumes in the past day or two whilst filming scenes in a cordoned off street on the set of “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Four key onscreen players have been spotted during filming – Hemsworth, HIddleston, Anthony Hopkins, and an unknown costumed actress covered in a heavy cloak hiding not only her outfit but her identity beyond having black hair. The woman doesn’t appear to be any previously announced cast member.

Speculation is already rife regarding her identity – Gaea? Death? The film’s location manager has teased on local news that the crew is filming “a few curveballs” to keep people guessing regarding what the film is actually about.

Filming on the new “Thor” film is heading back to the Gold Coast Studios this weekend on private sound stages. Shooting will continue there through October with a November 3rd 2017 release planned.