Thor: Ragnarok To Be Marvel’s Darkest Yet?

Yesterday came the rumor that the Hulk would play a key role in the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok,” now comes a new one which suggests the script is Marvel’s darkest yet.

Birth.Movies.Death reports that the tone of the series is about to get a dramatic change as Christopher Yost’s very dark script boasts an “apocalyptic vibe” which is one reason why Taika Waititi was brought on board to helm – to add a touch of lightness.

They confirm the report that Hulk fits into the action, the pair “taking a cosmic road trip together, Hope and Crosby style” and on the way they’ll meet a group called The Valkyries which will allow for some major female roles to figure into the action – potentially Valkyrie and The Enchantress.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is tipped to begin production early-mid next year for a November 2017 release.