Thor: Ragnarok, New “Alien” Set For Australia

It has taken some wooing but both Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and 20th Century Fox’s “Alien: Paradise Lost” are now officially scheduled to shoot in Australia next year.

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop confirmed the news in Canberra on Thursday, the Government providing USD$34 million in incentives to attract the two productions – incentives that are expected to pay off with some USD$217 million pumped back into the local economy along with the creation of 3,000 jobs.

Both actor Chris Hemsworth and filmmaker Ridley Scott sent video messages as part of the announcement. With the Australian dollar having dropped more than 30% against the U.S. currency in the past three years, the country has now become an attractive alternative to places like Canada and the U.K. in terms of filming locations.

Though not specifically indicated in the announcement, the new “Thor” is expected to be shot on the Gold Coast while the new “Alien”/”Prometheus” project will shoot in Sydney.

Source: Variety