“Thor: Ragnarok” Is Longer Than You Think

A little while back, filmmaker Taika Waititi teased that his Marvel Studios entry “Thor: Ragnarok” would be not just the shortest film in that particular franchise, but potentially the shortest in the MCU overall with a runtime of around 80-90 minutes.

Now, with the film set for an imminent launch, it’s been confirmed that brevity isn’t exactly the word for ‘Ragnarok’. The British Board of Film Classification has revealed that the actual running time of ‘Ragnarok’ will clock in at 130 minutes.

That makes it easily the longest “Thor” film to date (the first was 115 minutes, the second 112 minutes). In the overall MCU saga though, it’s a fairly middle of the road runtime with numerous films both longer and shorter.

“Thor: Ragnarok” begins its international rollout the week after next, and then hits the United States on November 3rd.

Source: BBFC