“Thor” Mockumentary & “Strange” Art Updates

Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” remains one of the more underrated MCU properties, but even so we’ve yet to really see the God of Thunder get a dynamic solo film that can stand proud as one of Marvel Studios’ best. The hiring of writer/director Taika Waititi for the third film “Thor: Ragnarok” has given many hope that we’ll see that with the upcoming entry which debuts in November.

One surprisingly reveal today via The New Zealand Herald is that Waititi does NOT have a screenplay credit for ‘Ragnarok’ with “Agent Carter” scribe Eric Pearson scoring that from a story by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost (“Logan”). It does beg the question of how much of Waititi’s input was included in the final script.

Also today comes word from Heroic Hollywood which suggests the upcoming “Doctor Strange” Blu-ray disc release will include a follow-up to ‘Team Thor,’ the mockumentary short featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor living in Australia with his new roommate Daryl.

Speaking of ‘Strange’, concept artist Court Chu has shared two pieces that he created several years ago for the film back when Marvel Studios was hoping to land Ryan Gosling as the Sorcerer Supreme. Chu says: “I worked probably not even a day on some version of Doctor Strange years ago, and back then they wanted Gosling.”

“Thor: Ragnarok” opens on November 3rd, and “Doctor Strange” hits Digital HD on February 14th and home video on February 28th.