Thor 2 Director Talk, “Avengers” Cover

With reports earlier this week citing “Monster” helmer Patty Jenkins as the potential new director of the “Thor” sequel, the first film’s star Chris Hemsworth has already discussed the possibility.

“She has a great take on the story and a solid grasp on that kind of universe. Branagh read every comic book he could get his hands on. She also looked like she had done her homework” he told The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday from the Welsh set of “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

Then today comes word via Vulture from Jenkins herself. Asked if she’s up for the job, she responded “I can’t say, but yes. I can’t say anything definitive, but it’s exciting to be in talks with them about it. I think Marvel is really ballsy to think outside the box. And I think everyone they’ve talked to and hired has been interesting.”

Also today the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features a new cast shot cover for “The Avengers” which you can see below, along with several new photos: