Thompson, Bruhl, Rylance To Visit “Berlin”

Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl and Mark Rylance are all set to star in Vincent Perez’s adaptation of Hans Fallada’s classic novel “Alone in Berlin”. Filming begins in the winter in Germany.

The story follows an ordinary couple living in Berlin trying to stay out of trouble under Nazi rule. Soon, their only child is killed fighting at the front.

Their loss propels them into an extraordinary act of resistance – dropping anonymous postcards all over the city attacking Hitler’s regime.

Their campaign comes to the attention of a Gestapo inspector and a murderous game of cat-and-mouse begins, but it’s a game that give the couple’s drab lives and marriage a sense of purpose.

Stefan Arndt, Uwe Schott,Marco Pacchioni and James Schamus will produce. Peres and Achim von Borries penned the script.

Source: X-Filme