Thomas Sangster Cast As Tintin

17-year-old British actor Thomas Sangster (“Love Actually,” “Nanny McPhee,” “The Last Legion”) has apparently been cast to play the titular role in Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s planned trilogy of Tintin films according to The Daily Mail.

The first of the performance capture films is slated to begin filming this Fall with Spielberg directing, whilst Jackson will helm the second movie.

Sangster has already been to Los Angeles to work on pre-production test sequences with both directors. He joins Andy Serkis, who has already been cast as Captain Haddock.

No further casting on other characters like Cuthbert Calculus, the Thomson twins or Nestor have yet been announced.

Which story is being utilised is also presently unknown, though its speculated that of the 23 graphic novels that Belgian author Herge penned from 1929-1976, it will be the three two-part stories that will serve as the basis for each film.

This would mean Spielberg will adapt “The Secret of the Unicorn” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure” stories. The first book follows the pair racing to find three parchments, hidden inside the masts of three ship model replicas, which lead to a buried treasure of Haddock’s ancestor Red Rackham. The second sees the voyage to find the treasure somewhere in the Caribbean.

Sangster was last seen in the ‘Human Nature’ two-part episode of last year’s season of “Doctor Who”. He begins filming Jane Campion’s new project “Bright Star”, a romantic biopic about John Keats, later this month.