Thomas Jane Out Of “Headshot”?

Yesterday, AICN reported that Thomas Jane looks to no longer be a part of Walter Hill’s 80’s throwback thriller “Headshot” now that it’s setup at Joel Silver’s Dark Castle. Jane was set to play the sidekick to Sylvester Stallone’s character.

Today, AITH has confirmed that the film’s new producers want Jane out and are looking to force Stallone and Hill to recast the role.

Why? Seems Silver wants Sly to work off an African-American co-star, a formula Silver has used time and again for such films as “Lethal Weapon” and Hill’s own “48 Hrs.”. The script will also be updated to reflect the change.

Jane had already signed on to the role, so his departure isn’t going to just happen with a simple phone call. More as it develops.