Thomas Jane Gets Macabre

Will Thomas Jane play play Cal McDonald in “Criminal Macabre”? IESB.Net asked the actor that very question this weekend at the Spike TV 2007 Scream Awards.

“Macabre” will be based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”) about paranormal detective Cal McDonald who takes illicit drugs, and befriends a network of ghouls to assist him in his cases.

“We are definitely looking into it, we are definitely trying to make that happen. Steve [Niles] and I are all about me being Cal, obviously. Tim Bradstreet has been drawing me as Cal, Steve has been writing me as Cal for the last couple of years so I would be really pissed off if some other mother fucker played Cal but me” said Jane.

Jane also had some not nice words for Ray Stevenson taking over for “The Punisher”.