Third “Wolverine” Called “Logan,” First Poster

Well that was fast. Yesterday Hugh Jackman said a big reveal regarding the next “Wolverine” film would hit this week, turns out it has taken place less than a day later.

Today, the actor unveiled the first official poster for the film which also reveals the official title – “Logan”. The poster art is also already going up on buildings and offers something unexpected – a Logan who has scars and cuts – has his healing factor slowed with age? And who is the child.

The film’s director Mangold also shared a photo of the second page of the script which confirms that as he’s gotten older his powers aren’t as good as they used to be, leading him to having chronic pain which has led to alcoholism. It also makes the point that not only is there swearing but characters can and will die here. Fights and violence will have more realistic physics and effect – no escaping unscathed from collapsing buildings or overly choreographed punch ups that may as well be dance offs.

Check them both out below, “Logan” opens March 3rd 2017: