Third “Tron” Cancelled At Disney

Disney has apparently cancelled plans for a third instalment in the “Tron” series.

Though officially never greenlit, the project was lining up for a Fall start of production likely in Vancouver, with both Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund slated to return in the lead roles and Joseph Kosinski coming back as director.

However, Heat Vision reports that though pre-production had already been started and actor Jared Leto was being considered to join the cast, the project won’t happen anymore.

Part of the blame though has been put on “Tomorrowland,” the $180 million live-action sci-fi property which underperformed last weekend with weak reviews and a $33 million U.S. debut.

The third “Tron” would’ve followed in the wake of “Tron:Legacy” which grossed $400 million worldwide from a $170 million budget.