Third “Sicario” Already In The Works

Earlier this month came word that Denis Villeneuve’s highly acclaimed “Sicario” would be getting a sequel entitled “Soldado” that would see both Benicio del Toro’s enforcer and Josh Brolin’s shady CIA agent return.

Stefano Sollima is taking over the director’s chair and reveals that the film doesn’t really provide a direct a narrative link, rather it’s a standalone sequel that can be watched without the first. In fact, the plan is to go beyond that as he tells The Independent:

“It’s not a real sequel. It’s absolutely a standalone movie – a completely different story with just two of the characters that you met in ‘Sicario.’ The reason that I love [Soldado] is because it’s not exactly a sequel; it’s something you can catch and enjoy even if you haven’t watched the first one. The idea is to make three anthology movies with some of the core actors and in the same world.”

Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan, who penned the first movie, has also written the follow-up and will likely pen the third (though that hasn’t been confirmed).