Third Riddick Film Story Details

Late last week we heard that Vin Diesel and writer/director David Twohy were re-teaming for a third sci-fi film featuring Diesel’s famed character Riddick. Today some story details have emerged from a sales run at the European Film Market.

As reported before, the film is ditching the larger space opera style of the previous film in favour of a more horror-toned, character-driven survival drama along the lines of the first film “Pitch Black”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story starts with Riddick left for dead on a barren alien planet and must deal with two groups of bounty hunters on rockets, not to mention the local hostile wildlife including three-legged bisons and mud demons.

The end of the last film had Riddick essentially left in charge of the Necromonger army and its quest to find the Underverse. It’s unclear if any mention will be made at all to events in that film (if they are it’ll likely be a few quick throwaway lines).

Diesel revealed the other week that some of the shooting would take place in the White Desert in Farafra, Egypt likely towards the end of the year. The previous films were shot predominantly in South Australia and Vancouver respectively.