Third “Riddick” Film New Plot Details

Coming Attractions has posted up a script review of the third “Riddick” feature which is currently in early pre-production.

Going back to the lower-cost, hard R-rated edge of the original “Pitch Black” rather than the space opera PG-13 antics of “The Chronicles of Riddick”, the project is currently titled “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking”.

Picking up where ‘Chronicles’ left off, David Twohy’s script has the anti-hero no longer wishing to be the Necromonger’s Lord Marshal and making a deal with Lord Vaako to hand the position over to him in exchange for being returned to Furya.

Things turn to hell though with Riddick left for dead on a harsh planet with three moons, populated with nasty creatures like trisons and mud demons, and being hunted by two shipfuls of mercenaries.

Visions of a woman haunt him, while the character comes to realise that the only way to survive is to drop the more civilised traits he’s picked up in recent films and return to his merciless hunter origins.