Third “Riddick” Film Begins Scouting

Location scouting on a new film in the Riddick franchise has begun in New Zealand says Vin Diesel’s Facebook page.

The post also indicates David Twohy has finished the script for the third film featuring the character.

Diesel first played the gruff, sliver-eyed anti-hero Riddick in the well-received cult hit “Pitch Black” in 2000. Four years later he reprised the role in 2004’s generally panned big-budget flop “The Chronicles of Riddick”.

Diesel has also voiced the character in the animated short ‘Dark Fury’ and the video games ‘Escape from Butcher Bay’ and ‘Assault on Dark Athena’.

Twohy has indicated the film will be an R-rated feature and more modestly budgeted along ‘Pitch’ lines which allows him and Vin more creative control.