Third “Raid” Is Years Away At Least

In 2011, filmmaker Gareth Evans delivered the Indonesian martial arts thriller “The Raid” – a collection of incredible martial arts set pieces linked together by a high concept and assembled into a work of super streamlined pacing.

Last year’s “The Raid 2” took a whole different track, delivering an enormous gangster epic involving multiple characters, reversals and brutal action amidst all the convoluted shenanigans. Both films have been highly acclaimed.

Evans has been planning a trilogy, but it sounds like the third film won’t make it to cinemas as quickly as the second did. Evans recently posted the following tweet when asked by a fan how the film is progressing:

Evans has previously suggested that events of “The Raid 3” will begin two hours before those in “The Raid 2” ends. That possibility could well change over the next few years though.

Evans is presently committed to the American gangster story “Blister”.