Third “Pitch” Put In “Pacific Rim 2” Date

Following on from reports a few weeks ago that the “Pacific Rim” sequel has been indefinitely postponed, Universal Pictures has officially announced that it’s pulling the film off its release calendar completely.

As a result of the pull, “Pitch Perfect 3” is being delayed two weeks to take the old August 4th 2017 slot originally slated for the ‘Rim’ follow-up and which currently has no other films opening against it.

Despite the removal, the studio is adamant that the film will be made and rescheduled at a later time. Universal says in a statement:

“The filmmakers, Legendary and Universal Pictures are committed to having ‘Pacific Rim 2,’ the sequel to 2013’s ‘Pacific Rim,’ which generated more $411 million at the global box office, be the vanguard, fully-immersive experience that the franchise deserves. To this end, the decision was made to delay the production and release of ‘Pacific Rim’ so that the creative team can continue in its efforts to exceed the amazing experience of the first film.”

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are already confirmed to be returning for the third “Pitch Perfect,” while filmmaker Guillermo del Toro says he’ll shoot an indie film project early next year before getting back to work on “Pacific Rim 2”.

Source: Universal Pictures