Third “John Wick” To Include Ninjas

Third John Wick To Include Ninjas

Set photos of Keanu Reeves on horseback galloping down a street and knocking over motorcycle assassins have already had fans dubbing it ‘the greatest movie ever made’. Whether “John Wick Chapter 3” can live up to that kind of hype is unclear, but director Chad Stahelski has offered a brief tease today which should get fans even more excited.

Speaking about the film this week with Empire, Stahelski said he didn’t want to give too much away but was willing to offer some word hints of important things we’ll see in the new film: “Horses, dogs, cats, a raven, a bunch of pigeons, a motorcycle chase, car chase, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, shotguns, and ninjas.”

The new film sees Wick with a target on his back, putting all of the assassins in New York City and the world on his trail following his slaying of a member of the High Table at the end of the sequel. The film opens on May 17th.