Third “Haunting” Film In New York

Gold Circle Films is moving forward with a third installment in its “Haunting” franchise, despite the first sequel not even having begun principal photography reports Variety.

Based on a real case, GC released the low-budget “Haunting in Connecticut” last Spring to a solid $77 million worldwide. As a result they began plans for a series of films, each self-contained with different characters, but based on what are claimed to be actual stories of supernatural hauntings.

Tom Elkins directs the second film entitled “Haunting in Georgia” which begins shooting in August, and now the company has hired Sean Hood to write “The Haunting in New York” which will probably go into production next year. Paul Brooks will produce.

No details as yet in regards to story. The first and upcoming second films are based on the actual cases covered in the two pilot episodes for the Discovery Channel television series “A Haunting”.

That series went on to do two episodes set in New York, the first about a paranormal investigator in Syracuse who is becoming possessed by a demon and requires an exorcism. The other about a family that more to a rural farmhouse in Hinsdale where they’re haunted by ghostly figures and strange sounds from the nearby woods.