Third “Captain America” New Costume Details

Some new details have emerged about the appearance of the Black Panther character in Marvel’s upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” movie. A scooper breaks down T’Challa’s appearance in the movie on JoBlo and says the character may not fight with whom you might think he’d ally with:


“Black Panther will be on a mission of his own that has nothing to do with the Rogers/Stark squabble. However, it appears that Black Panther will stand more on the side of Stark than Rogers (at least in the beginning), which will feature a showdown between both characters.

Panther’s costume will be shrouded in Vibranium (the same material that Cap’s shield is made from), which is also the key resource in his homeland of Wakanda (as it is in the comics and most recently noted in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON). In the showdown between Cap and Panther we’ll see him scratching Cap’s shield easily and his prowess will prove to be a viable threat to Rogers.

It is speculated that Stark needs Black Panther to help take Cap down. In addition to Black Panther’s sleek costume, we’ll also see a sleek Panther jet of some type, which we’re told looks very “Stark-like” in its technical buildout.”

The source also goes into other costume changes in store for the characters including more purple elements on the costume of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, Anthony Mackie’s Falcon sporting wrist lasers and grappling hooks, Ant-Man may appear in his 15-20 ft tall giant man form, and Don Cheadle’s War Machine now sports a detachable shoulder cannon.

The film is also rumored to sport Redwing, in the comics he’s a telepathically linked bird where as here it’ll be a red drone linked to him electronically.