Third “Blair Witch Project” Still In The Works?

There’s been talk for years about another entry in “The Blair Witch Project” franchise, now it looks like the film may finally be moving at last.

Eduardo Sanchez, the original film’s co-director, tells Bloody Disgusting that “it’s completely up to Lionsgate. Dan and I are ready to do it. We’ve been toying around with a sequel idea that we really like. it’s just a matter of getting our schedules in line and having Lionsgate sign off on the idea.”

One idea is that original cast members Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams would all be coming back – “The plan is to have them [back]. They’re probably not going to be the main characters but they’re definitely characters in the sequel.”

Don’t expect the first person P.O.V. though – “Right now, the idea has no first person in it at all, but we’ll see. There’s always room for new ideas to come in”. The film would also essentially ignore the events of the studio backed sequel “Book of Shadows”.