Third “Apes” Is Darker, More Brutal and Tougher

Speaking in a just published report assembled during a Vancouver set visit to Matt Reeves’ “War for the Planet of The Apes,” actor Andy Serkis says this new third entry in the series could be its darkest yet.

The story is set two years on. Caesar caries guilt from Koba’s death, while the ALZ drug has continued to enable him to develop. Serkis tells Collider:

“He’s there now living in a situation where both apes and humans are at war. There’s a sense that this is the crux, this is the climactic moment where both species are under huge threat and it’s pretty apocalyptic.”

In terms of the tone, this certainly won’t be lightening things up:

“This is a much darker, much more brutal, harder, tougher, very brutal film. As brutal as you can get within a PG-13. Not in an overly graphic way but in its emotions and context. There’s a real sense of foreboding in this movie.

They’ve weathered… both sides are worn out. Caesar’s side had to leave their encampment in the woods and move up higher in the hills and set up a temporary base. An event happens at the beginning of this movie that sets him off on a track that almost eats him up”

Producer Dylan Clark then adds that:

“Caesar goes on a journey at the end of the first act because he doesn’t believe he’s fit to lead… He goes on a dark quest because he thinks… Caesar believes if he can kill Woody [Harrelson’s character], the apes can win this war and start anew. It doesn’t work out that way. Caesar, on his own, gets caught in his own thing.

[It’s] a revenge mission after this event happens without giving too much away. He goes through this incredible journey going to the dark heart of himself, probably the darkest he’s ever encountered. This voyage of self-destruction.”

“War for the Planet of the Apes” opens July 14th.