Think 300, But With Women

Thanks to the success of “300,” lots of ancient war epics are getting a glance over amongst agents and studios with the hopes of turning them into a stylised, modern pulp action vehicles.

The one that’s generating the most heat right now though is Harrison Powell’s “The Sun is Falling,” an epic about, quite literally, a group of Amazonian warrior women who served as an elite guard to Manco Inca Yupanqui, the last Incan Emperor of Peru.

According to The Lima Sentinel, events in the film are set against the backdrop of Francisco Pizarro’s capturing of the Incan capital Cuzco in 1533, with must of the last act about the failed siege which attempted to recapture the city three years later.

Considering that battle was a fight between 100,000 incans and countless Spanish conquistadors – combined with a rich rainforest, mountain and ancient city setting – the material is ripe for film adaptation. Making it about a bunch of muscular hot chicks in leotards fighting with spears and arrows – the studio can obviously see the dollar signs.

The script is presently being considered by several studios, no word as yet as to who’ll be picking it up.