Thieves Raid Indy IV Office

Over 2000 production stills, a complete production budget breakdown, possibly the script and other sensitive materials from the production office of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” have been stolen.

Director Steven Spielberg’s Universal Studio office was raided by a thief recently who quickly began offering the goods for sale to the highest bidder amongst entertainment websites.

The IESB reports that may have obtained some of stolen property and were on the verge of running the story on its TV division until Paramount lawyers stepped in.

The LAPD & FBI also managed to nab the thief yesterday afternoon at The Standard on Sunset in Los Angeles. Bits of the property may still be out there, and the studio has sent out an official release asking its online and media partners to discourage “taking receipt of stolen property and further disseminating it or making use of the stolen materials”.