They’re Making A “John Wick” VR Game

Starbreeze Studios is reportedly hard at work on a virtual reality-based, standalone, first-person shooter game based on last year’s acclaimed throwback action film “John Wick” at Lionsgate.

VG247 reports that the plan is for a “fully immersive VR experience” and while the game won’t be in circulation until spring next year, a promotional version of the game will be available before that on the HTC Vive World Tour.

The original film stars Keanu Reeves as a retired and recently widowed legendary assassin whose puppy is killed and car stolen by the son of a major gangster who used to employ him. He sets out on a course for revenge and god help those in his way.

The film earned rave reviews for its dark and yet fun tone, outrageousness and slick execution which has led to a sequel already being in the works.

Starbreeze, Blu: Encounter and WEVR are teaming to create the game with development team GRAB in charge of development across several different platforms.

Not much is known about the game’s content other than it being based on the world and characters of “John Wick” and its upcoming sequel, and will center around the Continental Hotel seen in the film.

Starbreeze will also reportedly further integrate the “John Wick” storyline into the popular multiplayer shooter “Payday 2”.