Thewlis’ Key Role In “Wonder Woman” Revealed

While several trailers released so far have revealed a good portion of the movie, big swaths of Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” film adaptation remain a mystery.

We’ve seen numerous supporting characters so far, but one that has yet to show their fave is the film’s main villain – Ares, the Greek God of war. Even now, well into the film’s post-production phase, it’s not clear who is taking on the role or what they look like in the predominantly World War I-set tale.

The trailers showing Danny Huston as a menacing German officer has led to speculation that he is playing Ares. Today though, a report at Batman News from apparent attendees at a recent test screening has seemingly revealed that none other than Harry Potter’s Professor Lupin himself, actor David Thewlis, will portray the role.

Thewlis has been a part of the cast list for some time, but his role (along with several other key ones) has been unknown. It’s also unclear if his character is connected to Huston’s one. The report suggests Ares will be realised with a mix of CGI and practical effects which would explain his non-appearance so far.

Thewlis joins a cast that includes Gal Gadot as Diana/Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as General Antiope, and Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta. “Wonder Woman” opens in cinemas on June 2nd.