Theron Game For Another “Mad Max”

In the wake of the release of George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road,” it was suggested that Charlize Theron had no real interest in coming back for a follow-up – mostly due to a difficult on-screen relationship with co-star Tom Hardy.

With time having passed though, the actress has made it quite clear she’s ready to return to the role Furiosa if or when George Miller wants her. She told MTV (via The Playlist) this past weekend:

“I would love to bring her back to life! Are you kidding? I can see how people are kind of responding to her. I look at my little girl and I’m like, ‘yeah, I’d love to play this woman again, definitely.'”

Whether that will happen is unsure. Miller previously said he had two sequel scripts finished, but they didn’t involve Furiosa. Then, earlier this year, he suggested they might have more Furiosa stories after all.