There’s Still Life In The Old “Gypsy”

Despite articles over the weekend that the project was axed, Deadline reports that the proposed new film adaptation of the musical “Gypsy” is still kicking.

In fact, the site claims a deal is close to being made at Universal Pictures with Joel Silver producing. Barbra Streisand is said to still be in as Mama Rose, while book writer Arthur Laurents and lyricist Stephen Sondheim are on board.

The initial report of the project’s demise goes back to an interview with Laurents where he indicated both he and Sondheim were thinking of withdrawing permission to make the film. That looks to have changed, likely as part of a new deal is that the pair will now have “a strong say over the screenwriter, director, choreographer and who’ll play the roles of Herbie and Louise.”

Though linked, filmmaker Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) will not be directing and neither will Streisand.