There’ll Be No “Star Trek” On TV For A While

One rumor that briefly caused a lot of stir last month before it was summarily shut down was that Paramount’s venerable “Star Trek” franchise might be making a return to television. That rumor placed filmmaker Bryan Singer as producer on a new project at CBS, who controls the rights to “Star Trek” on television.

Sadly, not only did the rumor not pan out – another person connected to the franchise says that we shouldn’t be holding out much hope. Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander William Riker on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as well as directed numerous episodes and two of the films (“Star Trek: First Contact,” “Star Trek: Insurrection”) says the chances of Trek going back to its small screen roots are slim.

According to Leader-Post, Frakes appeared at Fan Expo Regina 2015 where he reportedly revealed that he had pitched a concept for a new Star Trek series to CBS. Unfortunately, the network wasn’t interested in moving forward with the idea, primarily because they felt the brand had been diluted by too many spin-offs and the ultimate failure of the tenth film “Star Trek: Nemesis”.

However, since the reboot has been so successful – the aim is to keep the “Star Trek” universe “as focused and concentrated as possible”. That means there’s no room for a TV series until the film franchise runs out of steam. The next film, rumored to be titled “Star Trek Beyond,” hits July 8th 2016.