Them, Hodding Carter Score Scribes

Scribes Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse (“Surf’s Up”) have been hired to pen a family event movie based on the writings of journalist W. Hodding Carter for 20th Century Fox reports Risky Biz Blog.

Carter wrote about his drastic real-life efforts to scale down his family’s spending. The family of six were living far beyond their means in rural Rockport, Maine and experimented with living on $550 per month after mortgage payments.

The result saw them farming their front yard, eating roadkill, skipping holidays and meals out, reusing coffee filters and bartering. Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg will produce the feature.

Addario and Syracuse are also in the news today for other reasons, namely their previous draft of another film is getting a quick rewrite by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (“City Slickers,” “Forget Paris”) reports Deadline.

Entitled “Us & Them”, the Andy Fickman-directed comedy has Billy Crystal as a grandpa left alone to care for his grandchildren. He has to navigate to overcome generational shifts to bond with the kids, and try to repair a rift with his daughter.