The X-Files Revival Gets A Poster, Premiere

The premiere episode of the event series revival of “The X-Files” was unveiled at Cannes this week where a new piece of promo art, which you can see below, was revealed.

Deadline reports reaction out of the screening was very positive and the series has kept the original opening titles along with various throwbacks be they essentially the same – lots of flashlights – or updated such as the flip phones being replaced with iPhones. It also sounds like Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man appear in the premiere.

Chris Carter conducted a Q&A after the screening and MIP World has posted a transcript including his answer to the question about the format of the six episodes:

“It’s certainly being filmed with the modern technology. Our stories are contemporary stories happening now, some of them ripped from the headlines. I think this show has kept pace with time. For the future of X Files, if we are to come back, I think you’ll see us come back with these mini-series, if you will. Special events. We used to tell a story over a long saga, 22 to 25 episodes. Now the arc is much sharper, from one to six. So I think we pack a lot more in to these six episodes.

The show was originally mythology episodes that were scattered alongside the standalone monster of the week episodes. We do in this six-episode arc a combination of those two things. We begin with a mythology episode, we end with a mythology episode, and the episodes in between are standalone episodes, including monster-of-the-week episodes.”

The series’ two-night premiere event kicks off on January 24th immediately following the NFC Championship Game.