The X-Files Revival Ends On Cliffhanger

FOX’s much-anticipated “The X-Files” event series revival kicks off in a week’s time with six new episodes set to screen. We know those six will be a blend of mythology and monster-of-the-week episodes, but there’s the obvious question of how much of the overall series mythology will be wrapped up in this run.

Not much from the sounds of it as series creator Chris Carter revealed at the TCA winter tour (via EW) that the sixth and final episode ends with a cliffhanger hinting towards more episodes – despite FOX having yet to give the green light for another season. Carter also teased that he is considering making a third film in the series:

“If there is a third movie it’s got to be a gigantic movie. It would have to be a big-budget movie; that’s what X-Files fans want. We tried to do a very small movie about faith the second time out. And it was released in the middle of summer tentpole movies. It was a misstep in that way. I think [a third movie] has to be more like the first movie.”

“The X-Files” returns Sunday January 24th.