The Writer’s Strike Is (Almost) Over

The Writer’s Guild finalized its tentative agreement with the majors this weekend and presented details of the pact to members last night in meetings in Los Angeles and New York.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, membership response at those meetings was “very positive” about resolving the writers strike as soon as possible and accepting the deal negotiated by the guild leadership with the Hollywood moguls.

The Guild has decided that guild members be able to vote within the next 48 hours before the strike can be called off by leaders. This means that Hollywood could now get back to work by Wednesday at the earliest (not Monday as previously reported). It also ensures the Oscars should go on as planned.

Despite the strike’s potential end on Wednesday, there’s still a ten day ballotting process for members to accept the tentative deal and reaction so far has been mixed to hesitantly positive. If approved, it will run through til May 1st 2011.

The resolution of the strike will enable TV networks to salvage the remaining TV season and pilot season along with permitting scribes to begin working again on film scripts.