The Woman in Black Gets A Sequel

Hammer, Alliance Films, Cross Creek Pictures, and author Susan Hill are all teaming up to develop the next installment to this year’s film adaptation of Hill’s famed 1983 Victorian gothic horror novel (and later long-running stage play) “The Woman in Black” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The first film is set in the very early 1900’s and deals with a young lawyer (Daniel Radcliffe) assigned to deal with the belongings of a recently deceased widow who lived in a desolate and secluded coastal estate in the middle of a marsh that’s cut off at high tide and surrounded by mist. There he discovers the vengeful ghost of the title.

The film scored quite good reviews and recently passed the $120 million worldwide box office mark – becoming the highest grossing British horror film of the past twenty years.

Jon Croker (“Desert Dancer”) has been hired to pen the script entitled “The Woman in Black: Angels Of Death” which will pick up the story forty years later. His work will be based on an original story by Hill she has been developing over the past few years and recently completed.

All that’s known about the story is that the action will follow a couple and the experience they have when they encounter Eel Marsh House. With the time change tough the story could be set either during or more likely just after the Second World War.