“The Witcher” TV Series Character Details

Still in early development, scribe Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has taken to Twitter to confirm which characters from Andrzej Sapkowski’s acclaimed “The Witcher” novel series will make it to Netflix’s TV series adaptation with the first draft of the pilot script recently completed.

In fact Hissrich, who has worked on “The Defenders,” “Daredevil” and “Power,” offered a detailed breakdown of each of the fifteen major characters in the project which Sean Daniel is set to executive produce. They are as follows:

Stoic. Circumspect. Balanced. Fierce. Soft and squishy in a tiny place in his heart that he’ll never reveal until maybe the end and even then it will just be a hint

Fiery. Proud. Shrewd. Contradictory. Seeking to fill a family sized hole in her heart even though she resents it and swears she’s just fine on her own but she is not and we love her for being both independent and vulnerable.

Resilient. Relentless. Brazen. Growing. She’s going to change the world and what the hell is she supposed to do except be scared and be bold and learn and adapt and find a family who can walk by her side no matter what and maybe just maybe teach her the meaning of love.

Ladylike. Faithful. Extrasensory. Steady. Really annoyed with this game because we can’t pretend all Roaches are the same so she’d prefer some singularity and individual recognition instead of all being lumped together by blatantly horsist people.

Extravagant. Caddish. Loose-lipped. Loyal. Hides behind the exterior of an idiot when in actuality he is the keeper of Geralt’s realities (even if he exaggerates his own heroics) AND the truths of the world which means he’s far more important than we realize…

Spunky. Idealistic. Insecure. Conflicted. Young and naive and lacking the confidence of sorceresses which means she is ripe for manipulation but when she finally transcends the crap she has a chance to be loved as herself and not as “the third wheel with Yen”

Conflicted. Charismatic. Haunted. Pure of heart. Despite being young he’s like a relic of a simpler time when knights in shining armor always won the girl but now in the face of harsh reality he must learn what it means to actually be heroic and brave for others.

Eloquent. Ensconced. Worldly. Haunted. The worst of the worst who transforms into the best of the best or at least he strives to be and it’s the most incredible journey to watch as an evil addicted monster becomes the essence of “humanity personified” in the hansa.

Mercenary. Conspiratorial. Power hungry. Ruthless. Handsome as all get out which is important because (as Geralt says “one could expect anything from a man looking like this”) he is the essence of evil hidden behind beauty which makes him very very dangerous.

Imperialistic. Ruthless. Monarchical. Masquerader. Above all he’s a survivor having spent most his life running and pretending so it’s no wonder he craves power because what’s more stable than being on top (and what’s better than a villain whose head you kinda get.)

Saucy. Savage. Conciliatory. Commonsense. The epitome of the novels’ shades of grey who embodies unrequited romance and also unbelievable strength and also the skills to kill and also the ability to crusade for peace and also and also and also.

Sadistic. Ghoulish. Ruthlessly efficient. Hedonistic. His depth lies in his lack of depth because we keep searching for reason or redemption and in fact there is none just a cold brutal soul who desires to be colder and what’s more terrifying than that?

Perceptive. Protective. Merciful.The most beautiful. An observer/ philosopher/ seeker of freedom which means he didn’t kill just because he could but rather sought to understand why others wanted to kill him which is EVERYTHING.

Sharp. (Anything but) Simple. A phoenix from the flames. The missing piece. Determined to survive the shit despite never being given the tools to do so and found a family where she least expected but also found what it meant to be loyal to someone other than herself

Fiesty. Fierce. Wise. A diplomat of the highest order. His gruff demeanor and crude language belies an intelligent soul who has his finger on the pulse of the Continent’s complicated landscape and who’s well on his way to a life in politics VOTE FOR YARPEN!