The Weinstein Company Revives “Southpaw”

The Weinstein Company has picked up the rights to the troubled “Southpaw” project.

Originally developed a few years ago to be Eminem’s first movie since 2002’s “8 Mile,” the rapper was to have played a left-handed welterweight champ who punches his way back to glory after a tragedy.

“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kirk Sutter penned the script while Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day,” “Olympus Has Fallen”) was attached to direct. Then DreamWorks backed out of the project. MGM and Sony stepped in to take over, but they have since put the film into turnaround.

The Weinstein’s have now come onboard to get this thing moving again. Fuqua is still attached to direct, but it’s unclear if this will be his immediate post-‘Olympus’ project. Eminem is no longer involved.

Source: The L.A. Times