The Two Coreys Get New Projects

80’s heartthrobs Corey Haim an Corey Feldman are getting new gigs thanks to the success of their reality show “The Two Coreys”.

Corey Haim has joined “The Hills Have Eyes” star Ezra Buzzington and “Fright Night” star turned gay porn actor Stephen Geoffreys in the BC Furtney-directed indie horror feature “New Terminal Hotel”.

According to the actor’s official site, the story revolves around Buzzington’s wheelchair bound “Spitz”, a child pornographer that is staying in a creepy hotel. Geoffreys will play his best friend. At this time, Haim’s role in the project has not been revealed.

Filming is currently taking place inside the historic George Washington Hotel in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile Corey Feldman has joined the cast of Gary Ambrosia’s “The Adventures of Belvis Bash” currently in production according to his blog.

Alexander Lvovsky plays a rock and roll musician that travels to Afghanistan as part of a US Army cultural outreach program. Out to change the hearts and minds of the locals, he becomes caught up in the middle of an anti-terrorist operation.

Larry Thomas (Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi), Daniel Baldwin, and Frank Stallone star in the film. Feldman’s role details have not been revealed but he’ll be filming his scenes sometime next month.