The “Troll Hunter” Remake Is Gone

Following the original film’s release several years ago came word that Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures had landed the remake rights to Andre Ovredal’s found footage fantasy film “Troll Hunter”. Shortly after came word that acclaimed “The Descent” and “Game of Thrones” director Neil Marshall would helm the film.

Now, several years on since any reported movement on the project, Ovredal himself has confirmed to Birth.Movies.Death that the remake ain’t happening and Marshall’s busy schedule is behind the delay which led to its stalling:

“I don’t know exactly [what happened]. I was very happy with what I read; I never communicated with anybody about it, but I read on-line that Neil Marshall was attached to direct it, and I was like, ‘OK, I can get behind that,’ and then suddenly it didn’t happen. I believe that just after signing up for Troll Hunter, Neil got too busy with Game of Thrones, and that’s what stopped it; that seems to be the case, anyway, and then it just kind of died.”

The rights have reportedly now reverted to Ovredal and the original producers. Ovredal’s new film, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe,” has scored rave reviews at festivals in recent months.