“The Trip To Greece” Begins Filming

The Trip To Greece Begins Filming

A fourth film/series in comedians Rob Byrdon and Steve Coogan hit comedy travelogue series “The Trip” has begun filming.

Brydon and Coogan’s production company Baby Cow both tweeted that shooting has just kicked off on “The Trip to Greece” with both actors prepared for filming.

Michael Winterbottom directs the food travelogue and buddy comedy series in which the pair make their way around European destinations, stopping for decadent meals along the way.

The results are turned into both a film and a six-episode series cut from the same footage. “The Trip” was released in 2010 followed by “The Trip to Italy” in 2014, “The Trip to Spain” in 2017 and now this which will likely hit sometime next year.

IFC Films opened the previous films States-side, the distribution plan for the latest installment hasn’t been set.

Source: Twitter