The Toyman Is Coming To “Supergirl”

The Toyman has been added to the list of upcoming villains on CBS’ “Supergirl” according to showrunner Ali Adler at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con.

Winslow Schott (aka. Toyman) is a criminal who uses toy-themed devices in his crimes, joins previously announced villains Reactron (Chris Browning), Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) and Livewire (Brit Morgan). Adler tells THR: “There’s definitely going to be a relationship between Toyman and Jeremy Jordan’s character, Winn Scott.”

Peter Facinelli was also at Comic Con to talk about his character of Maxwell Lord, saying “He’s a billionaire. He wants to save the planet, but wants to do it through humanity” and considers these superheroes a ‘distraction’.

After a long wait, “Supergirl” is finally slated to premiere October 26th on CBS.