“The Tick” Won’t Get Picked Up Elsewhere

Though it pulled in critical favor from fans and reviewers, Amazon surprised when they revealed last month they weren’t renewing the series adaptation of the cult favorite comic book character “The Tick”.

Creator Ben Edlund subsequently began to search for a new home for the series, but sadly this weekend he confirmed on Twitter that said search has failed – effectively ensuring the series is done.

Edlund says: “We will look for other opportunities to continue this story with this cast, but the current series must I’m afraid come to its end.”

The series was set in a world where superheroes and villains have been real for decades and Arthur, an unassuming accountant with no superpowers, becomes embroiled in the middle of the battle between good and evil with the help of a bizarre blue superhero named The Tick.

Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman starred in the two seasons, both of which are now available on Amazon Prime.