The Strange Case Of MIB3 Filming

“Men In Black 3” finally kicked off filming in New York City yesterday after a brief delay, however the film’s production schedule is proving somewhat unusual reports The Los Angeles Times.

Sources tell the paper that the production is set to take a two-month hiatus during filming. As previously reported, this chapter involves time travel with much of the action taking place in 1969 where Josh Brolin plays the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent Kay.

Now it seems the present day-set scenes will be shot during the current block of filming which will wrap around the week of Christmas. Filming will then halt and start up again in mid-February which is when the 60’s-set scenes will be filmed.

Because those scenes are set in Summer, the delay allows the production to shoot exteriors in a more temperate climate. So why not just delay the start of production rather than opt for a costly hiatus? Production needs to get underway now to take advantage of New York State tax incentives according to producer Walter Parkes.

Scribe Jeff Nathanson (“Catch Me If You Can,” “Rush Hour 2”) has also just been hired to rewrite the script, specifically working on the story’s time-travel component. “Tropic Thunder” writer Etan Cohen penned the first draft.