The Simpsons Movie Keeps Changing

Everyone who thinks they know what “The Simpsons Movie” is about needs to think again. Writer, director & producer James L Brooks spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming film and revealed that much of the film’s final content is not yet settled.

“It started out as people wanting to know what it was about, and then we were having fun with it, putting out false story lines. We’ve revealed more with each successive trailer. We’ll continue to do that” he says.

More surprising is the news that much of what’s seen so far will NOT be in the final film – “We saw a trailer the other day, and somebody said 70 percent of the things in it — based on where we were eight weeks ago — are no longer in the movie, because we keep on fooling around.”

Brooks says there are 94 speaking parts so far. Also stuff from the test screening in Portland a month or two back has been edited – “We changed a lot of jokes. We physically changed one character, and we basically rewrote that character and another” says Brooks. Show creator Matt Groening added “We changed some language in the movie, because some people were bugged.”